New album – Cosmic Dancing Stardust

Cosmic Dancing Stardust out now on iTunes

Cosmic Dancing Stardust out now on iTunes

My debut solo album Cosmic Dancing Stardust has now been officially released online. This album explores confidential, mildly inappropriate thoughts of the human psyche and fuses them with fun, catchy tunes to soften the blow.

If you search Jason English in iTunes, I discovered there is a Christian podcast from another Jason English – DO NOT MIX THESE TWO UP, YOU WILL GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!

To save any confusion, click here to buy/preview now






The Melbourne International Comedy Festival kicks off in days. Previews from $18.

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Ready to Pop, Ready to Rock

My debut solo show Pop Rocketeer will launch in the 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. This show digs into my psyche and smacks it across the face with the catchiest pop tunes you’re likely to hear this festival (assuming Goyte’s not doing a show). An intimate venue means tickets are strictly limited so don’t miss out.

Book tickets at the comedy festival website


A Close Shave

Shaver ads usually have rugged guys with chiseled features and 6-packs… but sometimes those guys are busy. Luckily I was free to be the face of a series of web and cinemas ads to sell BIC shavers.

Bic Shavers

Check them out on Facebook or watch a clip here:
Close Shave

(PS. I only have to shave once a week! Sshhh)

Game. Set. Match.

The time has come to hang up the sweatbands – figuratively because
Anyone for Tennis? has played their final set, and literally because they stink-out my
underwear draw. To everyone who laughed, clapped, cheered and supported over those amazing 7 years, I’d like to send you the sincerest of thanks from the very bottom of my heart… oh, and tell you to strap yourself in because sh*t is about to get real!

Stay tuned for the solo era. More jokes. More pop. More forehead.

PS. FOR SALE: 6 red headbands, extremely used condition.